Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Work

These two pastel drawing were done in a new approach for me.  I often do full color pastels but loved the charm of Susan Lyon's drawings.  After studying with her and Scott Burdick this summer, I tried this approach and loved it.  The drawing of "Kate" my grand daughter won the portrait award in the 2011 Pastel Society of the Southwest Exhibit in Richardson, Texas.  I sold the drawing of the "Sisters"
in my solo show at the New Gallery Dallas in August.
"Kate"  14 x 11 inch pastel drawing

"Sisters"  14 x 11 inch pastel

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  1. Connie it has been a long time since we visited and talked shop, and it doesn't surprise me at all that you are still doing inspiring work! Both of these are exquisite!

    Let's catch up someday soon. Wishing you well as ever, Vince I.