Monday, March 5, 2012

Terra Cotta Pastel Portraits


16 x 12 Terra Cotta pastel drawing on Rives paper

"Lilly Faye"

16 x 12 Terra Cotta drawing on Rives paper

As I practice drawing more, I appreciate how much  more I appreciate line quality, subtle gradation of tone, lost edges, and how much can be conveyed without color.  I still love painting, but more than ever before I realize how important the foundation of drawing is to my work.

I have just purchased and begun studying Juliette Aristides' new book: Lessons in Classical Drawing.

I highly recommend it.

These two pieces were critiqued by several of my artist friends.  I value their advise.  They have pushed me farther and helped me address issues in my work.  The fresh insight that our fellow artists can give is invaluable in helping us  continue to improve our skills and to become better at self critique as we evaluate our own work.  

These pieces were done in the order show here. I can appreciate a subtle improvement as I do more study.   I believe studying and copying  the drawings of the masters can help one develop even more understanding of composition,  line quality, and tone modulation to create form.  

Thank you Susan Lyon and Juliette Aristides, two wonderful women  artists, for sharing your love of drawing with me.

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  1. I have always been amazed at your drawings. Did you ever study Berenson's "Drawings of the Florentine Painters"? It is supposed to be his best work. Love these pastels!